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Hi Dave,
Hope and pray your trip is going well. I have been posting on the church Facebook page since 4/25. Can Pella Hosting just use the Grace Lutheran Facebook page? If not I can send them to email address given.
In Christ, Pastor
> On May 12, 2023, at 2:18 PM, dave pfeifer <> wrote: > > From Pella Hosting > > For the Facebook icon link. Which Facebook page do you want to use. Currently on the footer we have the link going to Pastor Neumann’s personal page which not branded for the church, but is where he puts the Today’s Thought. Those technically should be posted to the church page as well. There is also a churchfacebook page and a youth facebook group page. > > > > I had sent instructions to add <> to Pastor Neumann’s email list so those posts would be automatically created on the site. I don’t see that those are coming in yet. > > > Also under your picture is John McCowey reference for quote > Makes it look like you are John McCowey
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