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October 2017

Representatives of confessional Lutheran church bodies gathered to remember the Reformation and consider the future.

September 2017

Workers for the harvest field: Keep encouraging the young people in your family and in your congregation.

August 2017

WELS Christian Aid and Relief WELS Christian Aid and Relief provides help and support to those in need while sharing the gospel.


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Today’s Thought 1/17
Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptized by John. Mt 3:13

“Then comes Jesus from Galilee … to be baptized” Note the wording, the work that Jesus was now undertaking, in earnest, was completely voluntary. He came of his own accord, willingly. For 30 years Jesus had lived in relative privacy. Now was his time to begin what was necessary for mankind’s salvation. He begins with an act of humility, knowing this was his Father’s will, and was baptized by John. So great is his love for sinners like you and I, that he would stoop to publicly, and humbly, submitting to John’s baptism. He was one of us, yet so much more. Thus he was installed, and so he would fulfill all righteousness, for our sake. It’s a wonderful picture of love.
Prayer: Dear Lord you always lead by example. So, you humbled yourself to be one of us. To be baptized by John and to preach and teach a message of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. Finally, to die in our place. What wondrous love is this! AMEN

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Last minute reminder! We are putting Christmas Eve bags together TODAY after church! Don't forget to bring your candy! ...

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Everyone is invited to go Christmas caroling this Saturday! We are meeting in the church parking lot at 2! Margaret will be leading us and it should be a fabulous time! Come help us spread the Christmas cheer! Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church ...

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Easter 5 2017

5/14/17: Easter 5 2017-Ephesians 2:19-22

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The Ascension of Our Lord

5/25/17: The Ascension of Our Lord

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Pentecost 2

06/18/2017: Christ Cancels All Debts – Luke 7:35-50

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