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October 2017

Representatives of confessional Lutheran church bodies gathered to remember the Reformation and consider the future.

September 2017

Workers for the harvest field: Keep encouraging the young people in your family and in your congregation.

August 2017

WELS Christian Aid and Relief WELS Christian Aid and Relief provides help and support to those in need while sharing the gospel.


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Today’s Thought 11/17
And the teachers of the law who came down from Jerusalem said, "He is possessed by Beelzebul! Mk 3:22

Even those opposed to Jesus had to admit that he was performing miracles, casting out demons, and healing people who had various ailments. All the while preaching a message of hope and comfort. They concluded that this was not possible from a mere human being. So, they could either believe in who Jesus said he was, or believe the made up lies about him. Sad to say, it’s still true today that people would rather believe lies, than accept the truth about Jesus. It’s why the Christian faith is rejected by so many. Unbelief is flat out unreasonable and doesn’t make sense, yet many cling to it religiously. Is Jesus your Savior, or is he one who is possessed by a devil? Not a difficult call to make, if you ask me.
Prayer: I confess and believe you to be my Lord and my Savior, just as you have revealed yourself to me. I believe you are my deliverer from all harm and danger, and the One who keeps me from all evil. AMEN

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Grace Lutheran Youth Group updated their profile picture. ...

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The youth group had a successful afternoon of planting 2 new trees and putting fresh mulch around. Thanks to everyone who came to help! It looks great! Kathryn Gutch Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Roger Neumann ...

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Easter 5 2017

5/14/17: Easter 5 2017-Ephesians 2:19-22

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The Ascension of Our Lord

5/25/17: The Ascension of Our Lord

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Pentecost 2

06/18/2017: Christ Cancels All Debts – Luke 7:35-50

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