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August 2018

August: Vicar in Mission Settings Program. A year as a vicar is part of the practical application required for preparing future pastors for the ministry. Over recent years, there has been an increased effort to place more vicars in mission setting to ensure that making disciples of all nations remains at the center of everything

July 2018

July: WELS Ministerial Education Endowment. WELS Christian Giving Counselors assist longtime members, who are motivated to pass blessings onto the next generation through their legacy of faith in Christ, by accomplishing their goals in Christian giving.

March 2018

March: Ministerial Education. Due to the large number of teachers reaching retirement age, the need for more teachers is growing, especially in urban settings.


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Today’s Thought 9/19
We have examined this, and it is true. So hear it and apply it to yourself. Job 5:27

Job’s friends made one major mistake when they tried to comfort Job after he lost practically all he had, in one day. They viewed God’s action as being punitive, when they were instead acts of chastisement. As a result, all their words to Job rang hollow. But we do much the same, it’s part of our nature to think that God is punishing me for something bad I’ve done. When I go through times of affliction in my life, I’m tempted to think it’s because I’m neglecting the Word and sacrament, or not giving enough time serving my Lord. But most often afflictions in our life, are acts of God’s chastisement. They are meant to correct, or purify, us from our self-centered attitude and humble us so that we submit to His will. Understanding it as such, we realize that there is purpose and meaning in everything that happens in our lives, even those things we would consider bad.
Prayer: In your great love for us, Father, you allow days of affliction and sorrow. Help us to humble ourselves under your chastening hand, and so receive your blessings. AMEN

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7 months ago

Grace Lutheran Youth Group
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Good evening! We will be having a meeting discussing the youth rally on Sunday, February 25 during normal Sunday school time! We really need everyone there that wishes to attend the rally. If you are unable to attend our meeting but plan to go to the rally, please be in contact with Aron or I before February 25. Also bring your youth group t shirt ideas to this meeting! We have a lot to discuss so we hope to see you all there! ...

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Easter 5 2017

5/14/17: Easter 5 2017-Ephesians 2:19-22

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The Ascension of Our Lord

5/25/17: The Ascension of Our Lord

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Pentecost 2

06/18/2017: Christ Cancels All Debts – Luke 7:35-50

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