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Today’s Thought

Today’s Thought 5/19 After he said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight. Acts 1:9
Have you ever wondered, what is Jesus doing right now? We know he’s in heaven, siting at the right hand of the Father with all power in heaven, and earth, and under the earth. Those are titles or positions of authority, but what’s he doing for you and I? The answer to that question is all important. We’re told that we have, meaning we possess right now, a Great High Priest. One who is a mediator between us and the Father. A mediator who knows both opposing sides and works with each to reach a settlement. More important this mediator knows the root cause of the problem and the solution for it. A solution he himself brought about by paying for our sins. Also, our Lord is daily calling us to hold fast to what he has done for us and to never fear drawing near to him. He knows our problems and our weaknesses, and he sees our condition. Daily be implores us to “come boldly,” into his presence and be filled with his mercy and forgiveness. Prayer: Gracious Lord, each day you are active in our lives reminding us that as our Great High Priest you paid, in full, the debt our sins demanded. Each day you bid us to boldly come to you, with confidence and assurance that you intercede in our behalf with the Father. AMEN
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