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Today’s Thought

Today’s Thought 5/22 Because of these, the wrath of God is coming. You used to walk in these ways, in the life you once lived. Col 3:6,7
Perhaps we don’t speak often enough about God’s wrath. In truth, wrath is as much a part of who God is, as is love. When Paul wrote these words people had a distorted view of what sin is. People’s desires were more to gratify sinful behavior than to try to control it. Gross evils weren’t actually viewed as sin. Thus God’s wrath was kindled against such unbelief and evil acts. His wrath is still kindled against that today, I might add. But you and I have been taught and trained not to walk in these ways. We know that sin destroys the peace that we have with God, it hinders our prayers and causes us to be inactive in our faith life. Paul exhorts us, “put to death that way of life… and put on the new self” Our lives of faith are always a process, a continuing action of getting rid of the old and putting on the new. We pray that God would keep us on this path that leads to eternal life. Prayer: Father, with our sins you are justly displeased, forgive us. Help us to walk in the newness of life, to which we have been called. Help us to hate what is evil and love what is right. AMEN
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