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Today’s Thought

Today’s Thought 5/21 Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Col 3:2
There’s an expression, “Playing the long game.” What’s usually meant by this is that you make some sacrifices, or experience some setbacks at something you are doing in the short term, but are convinced that, by keeping at it, in the long term it will all be beneficial. I think in many respects a Christian is playing the long game with regard to the things of this earth. In order to keep our focus on our Lord and not get caught up in the temptations of the world, and our flesh, we oftentimes have to make some sacrifices. But we are certain that in the long run whatever sacrifices we must make in our faith life, they will be worth it. It’s for this reason that unfulfilled ambitions, failures, or set backs don’t overly alarm us because we know they are working a far greater good. Prayer: Father, we know that we must suffer at times here on this earth but in the end we will be with you in heaven forever. This gives us an entirely different attitude about our daily struggles. AMEN
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