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Day 438-446

Day 438-446
While Bishop Horpynchuk and I were having a conversation via Zoom today, he received a message from Pastor Khaustov, about a missile strike 3 miles from his house. Mykola, a man who worked on Pastor Khaustov’s roof a number of months ago, reported that his house was destroyed by the strike and a neighbor lost his life. Mykola is safe. Pictures today show the destruction of the house. Bishop said these are the types of events that happen every day.
Better news is that services continue at all of the churches that are able to have services. I’m posting a few pictures from Kremenets and a picture of the Catechism class that Bishop is conducting every Sunday. There are about 70 people his class and nearly half of them, God willing, will be joining the church in a few weeks. What a blessing this is. These are things that remind the ULC Pastors just how beneficial their service is, and how God blesses their labors.
May God continue to bless and keep safe his people in Ukraine.

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